Epic Failure #1

Two words. Face painting. 
You heard me. 
As an artist, I have to tell you that was the hardest, most disheartening thing I've ever had to do. You want to feel like a failure real quick? Go face paint a child. 
Yes, it was THAT bad. 
I was asked to have a face painting booth for a benefit, so I thought I would practice on the children at a family birthday.  Mind you, I had never done this before. But how hard could it be, right? WRONG. IT'S HARD. REALLY, REALLY HARD, OK?!
Mistake number 1: don't buy the cheapest face paint you can find. It's that cheap for a reason. Seriously, some if the colors didn't even show up. I did multiple layers and the skin still showed up underneath even with the dark colors. 
Mistake number 2: don't think you can get away with just any random brushes you have laying around. That was my biggest no no. You need make up sponges, and a variety of different good acrylic brushes to get the effects you want. I was stuck with three fairly small brushes trying to paint children's whole faces. Wasn't. Happening. 
Mistake number 3: do not underestimate the art of face painting. It's not as simple as you might think. Painting a face and painting on canvas are two different worlds baby. If you have mad face painting skills, I have the utmost respect for you. 
At the end of the day though, everyone was happy. The kids were smiling, and that is what's really important. (I was personally horrified at the results, but aren't we all our own worst critics?)
I'll shake it off as lesson learned and hope for better results next time. Until then, some serious face painting research is due. 


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