Busy. Crazy. Happy. Order that how you will.

Here's to those crazy busy hectic omgoodness what am I doing kind of weeks. This has definitely been one of those. It's gone something like, pack, move, unpack, pack, pack, visit house to do murals, pack, unpack, load car, unload car, research murals, pack, pack, clean, pack, start on sketches, pack, unpack, clean. 
This is my life. 
And I'm super excited about it. 
There are all kinda if new beginnings happening in my life right now. The idea of moving and getting a new start, refreshing my business, getting some steady income, and moving my horse closer to home, and now to have an order for four murals, is almost too much for me to handle. In a good way. A fantastic I'm so happy I could burst way. 
It's a lovely sight when things start looking up. 
Stay tuned for more mural adventures, pictures of current projects, and a lot more happy bursting. 
Here's a picture just because it reminds me of the words happy and burst. <3
Hooray for happy bursting! 


Fields&Farms, my two favorite "F" words

Excuse my abcense of blogging these past few days. I made a much needed trip to the farm. 
Oh the farm. Where does one even start on the love I have of a good farm? Fields and open skies, stars as far as you can see them. Old barns and rolling pastures and cool creek beds. The animals, the woods, the rustic-ness. It's all one big cluster of easy peaceful feelings and beautiful messes. 
Farms are unbelievably photogenic. Relaxing, inspiring, warm bubbly feelingy. 
You name it. I never run out of good things to say. Ever. Try me. 
The country does something to me. Something wonderful. If it doesn't do wonderful things to you, you're not doing it right. Perhaps you've never had morning coffee looking over a sunlit field. It's, life changing. 
I have a thing for fields. It's kind of an obsession. Expect lots of beautiful field pictures. That's a thing. It will happen. 
Also expect new adventures in field painting. 
For some odd reason, I have never painted a picture of one...
I feel like this is a thing I should fix. Right. Now. Maybe tomorrow. That's probably more reasonable. 
In the mean time, soak in the beauty of blurred Instagram goodness. 
And find yourself a field. Lay in it, photograph it, dance in it. Enjoy the simpleness of it. 
You'll be happy you did. Don't question. Just do. 

To properly define "Happy"

Because sometimes you don't need words, you just need a smile. 
(For curious minds, this goofy mutt is my wonderful dog Gia, one of my three fur babies. Gotta love her) 

Spring time, Sunshine, & Watercolors, a love story.

I love spring. I love the smells, the freshness, the light, the life it brings back. The closeness of summer.  
Today I stood in my kitchen with my shirtless toddler and ate a whole half of a watermelon. It reminded me of camping at the river and cooling the watermelon in the cold river water. Which just reminded me more that warmer weather is coming.
I cannot express to you how much I love warm weather. 
If I have a favorite hobby, it is walking barefoot in fresh grass and basking in sunlight. It makes me inexplicably happy inside. Words don't do it justice. I simply feel alive again.
Springtime brings out a whole new me. I am inspired again, ready to go see what I can do. Take on new projects and shake things up a bit. The sunshine and warm breezes have brought about a change in Freedom Runs. I'm excited to see where they take me. 
I began this journey with an experiment in watercolor pencils. Which by coincidence  seem very springy to me. They're so light and airy and they flow together so nicely. I kind of love them. 
This is still in the sketch phase, but I can't get over this picture. There's something about a colorful wolf, it just speaks to me. 
This painting (drawing? A little of both maybe?) made me so giddy that I decided to do a series of colorful watercolor animals. It's a work in progress and I can't wait to share it with you! 
Expect them soon. Until then I will keep you entertained with my pretty Instagram photography and previous artworks. It will be fun. We'll laugh, we'll cry. There will be popcorn. (at least on my end)
Can't go wrong with a combination like that. 
Until next time, enjoy the sunshine ☀️

Of Rainbows and Filters

Because you can't go wrong with a good rainbow. Am I right or am I right? I'm right. You're welcome. 
I have to say that I love pictures. Taking them, painting them, drawing them. Me and pictures have a good relationship. I plan on sharing that relationship here. 
Speaking of relationships, Instagram and wood camera, we're best friends, as you can tell. They add a little oh-la-la to my photos and my mood. You should try it, and embrace it. Love it. Hold it and never let it go. It's that good. I have intense emotions about filters, don't judge. 
This particular beauty I took last summer down in Alabamy. It was morning. It was on the beach. It was epic. You haven't seen a gorgeous sky until you've been to Alabama. True. Story.
I have way more feel good moments and intense emotional connections with photography apps to share with you, so you need to come back. Follow me, read my blog like, every day, whatevs. And you'll get to see my art that I coicindetally get the inspiration to do just as I'm supposed to mop my floor or fold the laundry. Odd how that works out in my favor. Anyhow.....
Here's to my first official blog post as Freedom Runs, and to many more to come! Enjoy the rainbow folks. 
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