Fields&Farms, my two favorite "F" words

Excuse my abcense of blogging these past few days. I made a much needed trip to the farm. 
Oh the farm. Where does one even start on the love I have of a good farm? Fields and open skies, stars as far as you can see them. Old barns and rolling pastures and cool creek beds. The animals, the woods, the rustic-ness. It's all one big cluster of easy peaceful feelings and beautiful messes. 
Farms are unbelievably photogenic. Relaxing, inspiring, warm bubbly feelingy. 
You name it. I never run out of good things to say. Ever. Try me. 
The country does something to me. Something wonderful. If it doesn't do wonderful things to you, you're not doing it right. Perhaps you've never had morning coffee looking over a sunlit field. It's, life changing. 
I have a thing for fields. It's kind of an obsession. Expect lots of beautiful field pictures. That's a thing. It will happen. 
Also expect new adventures in field painting. 
For some odd reason, I have never painted a picture of one...
I feel like this is a thing I should fix. Right. Now. Maybe tomorrow. That's probably more reasonable. 
In the mean time, soak in the beauty of blurred Instagram goodness. 
And find yourself a field. Lay in it, photograph it, dance in it. Enjoy the simpleness of it. 
You'll be happy you did. Don't question. Just do. 


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