Busy. Crazy. Happy. Order that how you will.

Here's to those crazy busy hectic omgoodness what am I doing kind of weeks. This has definitely been one of those. It's gone something like, pack, move, unpack, pack, pack, visit house to do murals, pack, unpack, load car, unload car, research murals, pack, pack, clean, pack, start on sketches, pack, unpack, clean. 
This is my life. 
And I'm super excited about it. 
There are all kinda if new beginnings happening in my life right now. The idea of moving and getting a new start, refreshing my business, getting some steady income, and moving my horse closer to home, and now to have an order for four murals, is almost too much for me to handle. In a good way. A fantastic I'm so happy I could burst way. 
It's a lovely sight when things start looking up. 
Stay tuned for more mural adventures, pictures of current projects, and a lot more happy bursting. 
Here's a picture just because it reminds me of the words happy and burst. <3
Hooray for happy bursting! 


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