Of Rainbows and Filters

Because you can't go wrong with a good rainbow. Am I right or am I right? I'm right. You're welcome. 
I have to say that I love pictures. Taking them, painting them, drawing them. Me and pictures have a good relationship. I plan on sharing that relationship here. 
Speaking of relationships, Instagram and wood camera, we're best friends, as you can tell. They add a little oh-la-la to my photos and my mood. You should try it, and embrace it. Love it. Hold it and never let it go. It's that good. I have intense emotions about filters, don't judge. 
This particular beauty I took last summer down in Alabamy. It was morning. It was on the beach. It was epic. You haven't seen a gorgeous sky until you've been to Alabama. True. Story.
I have way more feel good moments and intense emotional connections with photography apps to share with you, so you need to come back. Follow me, read my blog like, every day, whatevs. And you'll get to see my art that I coicindetally get the inspiration to do just as I'm supposed to mop my floor or fold the laundry. Odd how that works out in my favor. Anyhow.....
Here's to my first official blog post as Freedom Runs, and to many more to come! Enjoy the rainbow folks. 


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